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Deepavali (Diwali) Sale week (13-20 Nov)

One week sale now on for V971 and V711!! Email us at buy.ondasg@gmail.com and confirm your purchase before end of day 20 Nov 2012 to enjoy a discount as below.

V971: S$270
V711: S$170

All sales include:

1) (Optional) Language change
2) (Optional) Update to latest Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1)
3) Guaranteed working condition


How to update V971 and V711 to Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)

Onda has changed the way dual-core tablets update to Update 1.5.5 and Update 2.0 (Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)). This is different from the first method of update previously released (Update 1.4 and 1.5).
Here is how you do it now. This is valid for both V971 and V711.

Step 1:

Download the Jelly Bean update from Onda website:


Step 2:

Remove any external TF or (micro)SD card from tablet. On your Windows XP or 7 PC, unzip the downloaded file from Onda into a folder of the same name.

Step 3:

Go into the unzipped folder and enter the “USB-Burning-tool-SPI” folder.

Step 4:

Find the “ImageBurnTool.exe” file. Double-click it to start the update tool.

Step 5:

Now you need to load the update image (folder “V971D_A4.1.1-1101” -> “Resource.V971D_A4.1.1-1101.zip”). Note that the image name ends with a .zip.

To load into tool, go to the top left hand corner of the tool with the character (配置->导入升级文件), and choose the “Resource” file in the unzipped folder.

Step 6:

Wait for the tool to fully load the chosen image. You will see it appear in the tool as below.

Step 7:

Shut down your tablet. The next sequence is very important. Hold down the “Home” button before connecting you tablet to your PC using the USB cable. While still holding down the “Home” button, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds. Both buttons can be released when you see that the tool has detected the tablet. For users doing it for the first time, go to step 8. If you have done step 8 before, go to step 11.

Step 8:

This step is to install the driver for the tablet. The “Home” and power button can be released. When you see the device driver installation appear, choose the 2nd option and click next.

Step 9:

Make sure you include the driver location of your update zip folder as a location for the system to search to detect the driver. Driver folder is “V971D_A4.1.1-1101″->”USB-Burning-tool-SPI”->”AmlogicusbBurningdriver”.

Step 10:

Click next and wait for driver to be installed.

Step 11: (Make sure steps 8-10 have been done before, else update will not be successful)

You should see the tablet as detected at this point.

Points to note:
Only 1 tablet can be updated at one time. Do not attempt to update more than 1 tablet at the same time.
If the tool detects 2 USB ports with devices even though only 1 tablet has been connected, ignore and proceed.

Step 12:

Press the “Start” (开始) button on the right side of the tool to start the update process.

Step 13:

Updating 1 tablet will take about 5-10 minutes. After it has been completed, you will see the tool as below. It should state 100% and the USB port corresponding to the tablet connection should be green. Click on the 2nd button below the first to “Stop” (停止) the tool. After doing this, the tablet should be in “shut down” status and it is safe to remove the USB connection to the PC. The tablet can be switched on and will function normally after this.

If the update fails halfway through, press the “Stop” button. Disconnect the tablet from USB cable. Go to step 7 and start from there. If a message pops up asking you to do something. It should be at top left hand corner 配置->重置端口对应信息 . After clicking ok on the message, go to the path and click on (重置端口对应信息) before proceeding with the rest of step 7.

Update Onda Tablet

V971 Dual Core v1.4 update

File size: 206MB

Date published: 2012-08-28

Information on update:

Improves scanning and compatibility for external TF and SD cards.

Fix City Racer 5 (game) graphics problem.

Fix YouTube application software error.

Improve stability of tablet

V971 Dual core v1.5 update

File size: 215MB

Date published: 2012-09-20

Information on update:

Fix issue of Facebook and YouTube web pages inaccessible from browser.

Fix issue of QQ Game application shut down on main page.

Additional ten languages added into OS.

Fix issue of music having external noise.

Improves CPU performance.

V711 Dual core v1.4 update

File size: 206MB

Date published: 2012-08-27

Information on update:

Improves scanning and compatibility for external TF and SD cards.

Fix City Racer 5 (game) graphics problem.

Fix YouTube application software error.

Improve stability of tablet

V711 Dual Core v1.5 update

File size: 213MB

Date published: 2012-09-14

Information on update:

Fix issue of Facebook and YouTube web pages inaccessible from browser.

Additional ten languages added into OS.

Fix issue of music having external noise.

Improves CPU performance.

Preparation for updating Android OS

1.   Download the update zip file from:







2.      Prepare an external micro-SD card. Ensure tablet has at least 80% battery life.

Steps for updating your Onda tablet

1.       Unzip the downloaded update into a folder of the same name on your PC.

2.       Connect your micro-SD card to your PC. A micro-SD card reader or equivalent can be used for connection. If required, format your micro-SD card using FAT32 file system.

3.       Copy the unzipped folder of update into the micro-SD card.

4.       Shut down your tablet.

5.       Insert micro-SD card into the tablet.

6.       Press the “Home” button on the tablet (it should be on the bottom of the tablet depending on model), and hold it there.

7.       Press and hold on the power button at the same time and ensure you see the tablet powering on. You can release the power button after tablet is powered on, but do not release the “Home” button until you see the below:

8.       There should be a menu showing options on the tablet:

>Reboot tablet now

>Update from external SD card

>Update from cache

>(some partition options)


9.       Use the “Home” button to scroll down, and power button to confirm (enter).

10.   Navigate into the folder with update files inside.

11.   Install (execute) all relevant files that can be seen inside the update folder.

12.   Reboot the tablet.

Points to note:

  • Backup all relevant information before proceeding with the update. Some account information and files might be lost after the update.
  • Save your .apk (application) files into your external SD card before proceeding with update.

V971 9.7″ Dual Core Tablet

Please email buy.ondasg@gmail.com or call +65 96180200 for sales enquiries.

A9 Dual Core CPU Chip, 9.7″ 2nd generation IPS screen, 200 million pixels front and back camera

Why choose IPS screen? Because of its faster reaction time compared to normal touch screens

More comfortable viewing screen with IPS

178 degrees of wide viewing angle

Vivid colours and realistic pictures

Clear views even with high frequency videos

Faster! More powerful! Dual core, dual graphics V971!

New generation capacitive touch screen, with faster reaction time and pinpoint accurate detection

G+G Dual layer coating provides a stronger, brighter glass surface with high durability. 4:3 aspect ratio screen size provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

Resolution of up to 1024×768. Width of 9.8mm. Smooth button-less side casing.

191 by 244mm. Back camera. Speakers on lower end. Utility sockets at bottom surface of tablet. From bottom left: Power button; Earphone socket; Built-in microphone; Micro-USB socket; TF (Micro-SD) socket; Reset socket; HDMI socket; Home button.

Metallic finish; No open grooves; Slim design with cleaner feel; Slimmer and lighter than previous models of tablets.

Fastest Dual core 1.5Ghz processing chip! Using Cortex A9 dual core structure with Amlogic 8726-MX processor, it provides up to 300% increase in performance as compared to a single core processor chip.

3 CPU modes to choose from. Normal, Performance and Automatic (Energy-saving) modes.

Choosing performance CPU mode provides processing power of up to 8000 points as can be seen in performance chart, with comparison to well-known brands.

Using boards of only 40nm, heat dissipation is increased and energy usage is reduced, resulting in up to 150% energy savings.

Dual core tablet in comparison with single core tablets

Standby mode energy usage: 10mA as compared to 20mA

Standby mode length: 360 hours as compared to 180 hours

Online streaming tv length: 5 hours as compared to 4 hours

Internet surfing length: 6 hours as compared to 4.5 hours

1080P video viewing length: 6 hours as compared to 4.5 hours

3D gaming: 5.5 hours as compared to 4 hours

Dual core Mali400 GPU chip. Coupled with the dual core processor chip, the combination enables smoother gameplay, even with Flash games.

Examples of 3D games that can be played on the tablet.

Internal memory of 1GB DDR3 enables quicker processing and reaction time

2 x 200 million pixel (2MP) front and back camera facilitates video chat applications like Skype and QQ.

Stable 4.0.3 Android OS supports multiple applications running without fear of crashing.

Only Adobe acknowledged China tablet. Enables fluid Flash (10.2) streaming video viewing though streaming applications, support for 1080P and HTML5.

Dual core graphics processing enables video applications to render video to 1080P (1920×1080 pixels). With playback for codecs: MKV (H.264), VC-1, MOV, MKV, AVI, RMVB / VB, FLV, WMV.

V971 is HDMI enabled

V971 is On-The-Go (OTG) enabled (cable not included).

V971 is Wi-Fi enabled (built-in)

V971 supports 3G and ethernet connectivity (3G Dongle and Ethernet socket device to be purchased separately)

List of compatible 3G dongles

V711 7″ Dual Core Tablet

Please email buy.ondasg@gmail.com or call +65 96180200 for sales enquiries.

Brighter! Sharper! Clearer! 7.0″ IPS screen is so much better than traditional tablet screens. It has 178 degrees of viewing width.

1024×600 HD screen, viewing improvement by up to 29% compared to normal screens.

9.8mm width is one of the slimmest tablets around

Great design ensures a good single-handed grip

Cortex A9 1.5GHz Dual Core chip ensures smooth functionality

3 CPU modes for different usage. Performance benchmarking as compared to other well-known brands.

160% energy savings, due to new 40nm heat dissipation design as compared to single core tablets

Standby usage of energy: 10mA compared to 20mA previously

Standby time: 210 hours as compared to 145 hours previously

Streaming tv time: 4.5 hours as compared to 3 hours previously

Internet surfing time: 5 hours as compared to 3.5 hours previously

1080P video playback time: 5 hours as compared to 3.5 hours previously

3D game time: 4 hours as compared to 3.5 hours previously

Better graphics with Mali400 GPU

Some examples of 3D gaming

Greater response with 1GB DDR3 internal memory

Stable Android 4 OS allows gaming and application enjoyment without fear of crashing.

Adobe acknowledged Flash and HTML5 compatibility with graphics support up to 1080P.

Media player capable of rendering up to 1920×1080 in different video codecs like H.264, VC-1, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, RMVB and WMV

With HDMI port and On-The-Go (OTG) capable (with cable included).

Wi-fi capable but no built-in 3G capability. 3G dongle can be used for connectivity.

List of 3G compatible dongles.

Why Onda?

Below are some accolades provided by the company itself:

Why Choose Onda? (Long History and well known in China)

ONDA Technologies, Inc. was established in 1989 and has had a strong manufacturing history of 20 years in the IT hardware domain. In these many years, Onda managed to keep its revolutionary role in the ever-changing IT industry, and built strong manufacturing relationships with chip giants like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and other international partners.

Some accomplishments

2003 – Released MP3/MP4 players into the market.

2004 – Released first Sigmatel 3520 chip. Onda VX505, VX707 opened the way for a revolution in China’s MP3 market.

2005 – Released first MP3 player with coloured screens.

2006 – Countrywide first 2097 MP3 released, supporting APE, FLAC lossless codec.

2007 – Onda signed a contract with Jay Chou. Released MP4 player VX989+ that played RMVB codec directly.

2008 – Became local online customers’ number one choice, a yearly affair till 2012.

2009 – Released MP4 players supporting 720p and 1080p HD graphics.

2010 – First Android MP4 player released, ushering in a new digital experience.

2011 – Released first A10 chip tablet, with sales leading other competitor’s brands.

2012 – Formally released A9 1.5GHz Dual Core tablet VI40 into the market, starting the dual core revolution.

More to come…

Some international partners for its tablets. Some say the best in China.

Multiple awards, with good media and customers’ feedback.

Follow and obtained certification on many international standards, for the health and safety of customers.

Onda has the very best in-country digital electronics manufacturing facility, with a dust-less clean manufacturing environment and high-tech product testing equipment. Every Onda tablet has to go through stringent tests before being allowed to leave the factory. Therefore, every Onda tablet is a solemn promise of quality to the customer!

View of manufacturing and testing equipment within the factory