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Deepavali (Diwali) Sale week (13-20 Nov)

One week sale now on for V971 and V711!! Email us at and confirm your purchase before end of day 20 Nov 2012 to enjoy a discount as below.

V971: S$270
V711: S$170

All sales include:

1) (Optional) Language change
2) (Optional) Update to latest Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1)
3) Guaranteed working condition


Why Onda?

Below are some accolades provided by the company itself:

Why Choose Onda? (Long History and well known in China)

ONDA Technologies, Inc. was established in 1989 and has had a strong manufacturing history of 20 years in the IT hardware domain. In these many years, Onda managed to keep its revolutionary role in the ever-changing IT industry, and built strong manufacturing relationships with chip giants like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and other international partners.

Some accomplishments

2003 – Released MP3/MP4 players into the market.

2004 – Released first Sigmatel 3520 chip. Onda VX505, VX707 opened the way for a revolution in China’s MP3 market.

2005 – Released first MP3 player with coloured screens.

2006 – Countrywide first 2097 MP3 released, supporting APE, FLAC lossless codec.

2007 – Onda signed a contract with Jay Chou. Released MP4 player VX989+ that played RMVB codec directly.

2008 – Became local online customers’ number one choice, a yearly affair till 2012.

2009 – Released MP4 players supporting 720p and 1080p HD graphics.

2010 – First Android MP4 player released, ushering in a new digital experience.

2011 – Released first A10 chip tablet, with sales leading other competitor’s brands.

2012 – Formally released A9 1.5GHz Dual Core tablet VI40 into the market, starting the dual core revolution.

More to come…

Some international partners for its tablets. Some say the best in China.

Multiple awards, with good media and customers’ feedback.

Follow and obtained certification on many international standards, for the health and safety of customers.

Onda has the very best in-country digital electronics manufacturing facility, with a dust-less clean manufacturing environment and high-tech product testing equipment. Every Onda tablet has to go through stringent tests before being allowed to leave the factory. Therefore, every Onda tablet is a solemn promise of quality to the customer!

View of manufacturing and testing equipment within the factory