V971 9.7″ Dual Core Tablet

Please email buy.ondasg@gmail.com or call +65 96180200 for sales enquiries.

A9 Dual Core CPU Chip, 9.7″ 2nd generation IPS screen, 200 million pixels front and back camera

Why choose IPS screen? Because of its faster reaction time compared to normal touch screens

More comfortable viewing screen with IPS

178 degrees of wide viewing angle

Vivid colours and realistic pictures

Clear views even with high frequency videos

Faster! More powerful! Dual core, dual graphics V971!

New generation capacitive touch screen, with faster reaction time and pinpoint accurate detection

G+G Dual layer coating provides a stronger, brighter glass surface with high durability. 4:3 aspect ratio screen size provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

Resolution of up to 1024×768. Width of 9.8mm. Smooth button-less side casing.

191 by 244mm. Back camera. Speakers on lower end. Utility sockets at bottom surface of tablet. From bottom left: Power button; Earphone socket; Built-in microphone; Micro-USB socket; TF (Micro-SD) socket; Reset socket; HDMI socket; Home button.

Metallic finish; No open grooves; Slim design with cleaner feel; Slimmer and lighter than previous models of tablets.

Fastest Dual core 1.5Ghz processing chip! Using Cortex A9 dual core structure with Amlogic 8726-MX processor, it provides up to 300% increase in performance as compared to a single core processor chip.

3 CPU modes to choose from. Normal, Performance and Automatic (Energy-saving) modes.

Choosing performance CPU mode provides processing power of up to 8000 points as can be seen in performance chart, with comparison to well-known brands.

Using boards of only 40nm, heat dissipation is increased and energy usage is reduced, resulting in up to 150% energy savings.

Dual core tablet in comparison with single core tablets

Standby mode energy usage: 10mA as compared to 20mA

Standby mode length: 360 hours as compared to 180 hours

Online streaming tv length: 5 hours as compared to 4 hours

Internet surfing length: 6 hours as compared to 4.5 hours

1080P video viewing length: 6 hours as compared to 4.5 hours

3D gaming: 5.5 hours as compared to 4 hours

Dual core Mali400 GPU chip. Coupled with the dual core processor chip, the combination enables smoother gameplay, even with Flash games.

Examples of 3D games that can be played on the tablet.

Internal memory of 1GB DDR3 enables quicker processing and reaction time

2 x 200 million pixel (2MP) front and back camera facilitates video chat applications like Skype and QQ.

Stable 4.0.3 Android OS supports multiple applications running without fear of crashing.

Only Adobe acknowledged China tablet. Enables fluid Flash (10.2) streaming video viewing though streaming applications, support for 1080P and HTML5.

Dual core graphics processing enables video applications to render video to 1080P (1920×1080 pixels). With playback for codecs: MKV (H.264), VC-1, MOV, MKV, AVI, RMVB / VB, FLV, WMV.

V971 is HDMI enabled

V971 is On-The-Go (OTG) enabled (cable not included).

V971 is Wi-Fi enabled (built-in)

V971 supports 3G and ethernet connectivity (3G Dongle and Ethernet socket device to be purchased separately)

List of compatible 3G dongles


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